best of SXSW

Stephen Pope's cadbury egg.

The Texas DQ is a whole 'nother sonnovabitch. Featuring THE DUDE Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich. Which was advertised on the Sign outside as : THE DUDE COMBO 499 cents

Okay , another highlight was Damian of Fucked up telling me about his favorite TV moment, which really blew my mind. Apparently Dr. Phil's favorite "musician" is KID ROCK. And there's an episode where Jay Leno comes on dressed as Dr. Phil ( ??? ) and suprises Dr. Phil with a performance by Kid Rock live on the set!

cheap nihilism with a heavy dose of Y103

The DOORS were playing on the radio at work today. Every time I hear them I think of Elias' 21st birthday. Downtown Kent Ohio. Elias puking into a stairwell on the street while a 300 lb. woman named Ocean played her accoustic guitar and Sang Break on Through to the Other Side" .... Just one of those moments where everything made sense.

early morning, cold taxi

One of the shittier days i've had in a while. But at least I know every word to Waynes World.